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Marika Seidler
Videoartist and performer
Owner and founder of  Seidlers SENSORIUM.
Work in mask and costume design, painting, objects, performance and 21 video installations 

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Marika Seidler Videoartist and performer Owner and founder of  Seidlers SENSORIUM. Work in mask and costume design, painting, objects, performance and 21 video installations produced in Denmark, USA, India, Lebanon, Syria, Japan, Russia and Benin. Exhibited internationally and nationally at Art centers and museums, such as AROS in Aarhus and Musé de lárt de la ville de Paris. Seidler has lived in India and USA. She is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in CPH 2000. In 2006 - 2010 she was an art educator at The Danish National Gallery. Since 2009 she has created aestetic processes for children and youngster. She is the founder of Seidler SENSORIUM.

Public engaging performance hikes in nature produced site specific by Marika Seidler in collaboration with artistic workpartners. The biology and history of the landscape is transmitted through an artistic aestetic. Since 2013 SENSORIUM has created performances and artprohjects in collaboration with Museums, kunsthalle, Forest centers and Zoological gardens. We take pride in making art for all agegroups. The workgroup consists of Artistic leader Marika Sedielr in collaboration with biologists, performers, object animators and stage designers.

Biological phenomena and being in natural habitats is decisive for performance productions.  We research  flora fauna and funga for new works. Factual input from biologists and zoologists and historians that can decode an areas biology and history shown in the landscape. Lyrical aspect of scientific language is molded into a site specific publicopleves i fagsproget, som bearbejdes til steds specifikke publikums inddragende performance forestillinger med rumlige installationer, lydobjekter og maskekostumer.

Aestetic learning processes can take place in nature for all audiences in connection with the performances. In SENSORIUMS workshops students connect biology and performance, creating their own public engaging performances, examining a sensory and investegative relationship with nature. We collaborate with forest centers, zoological gardens, and art museum to realize the projects in the best possible way to give the students an oppertunity to experience what flock, art and nature can bring to their understanding of relations between people, and nature.

contact Seidlers SENSORIUM / Marika Seidler
c/o Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, Sundholmsvej 46, 2300 Cph. S
+45 26 24 71 91   mail@seidlerssensorium.dk

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Collaborative Art partners
Copenhagen Contemporary CPH
Nikolaj Kunsthal CPH
Deep Forest Artland Herning
Munkeruphus Udstillingssted
J.F. Willumsens Museum
Medicinsk Museion
Brandts Art Center Odense
Skovgaards Museum Viborg
FFKD Factory for Art and Design


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Guldborgsund Municipality
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KABoligselskab Tingbjerg 
All Librarys in Cph Municipality

Artistic collaborative partners


Performing Artist and writer Betina Birkjær 
Sensorium Dramaturgy, performer, educator
She is affiliated with the Spanish Colombian company “Teatro de Los Sentidos” in Barcelona since 2005. After years of touring aboard she has since 2013 created sensory, poetic installations and performances for children with her company  ”Luna Park Scenekunst”. Education Cantabile 2,  Bachelor in dramaturgy Århus Uni, Dramatiker Væksthus Cph.

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Visual setdesigner Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski
Sensorium educator and konstruction 

Eva transforms everyday spaces into 3-dimensional stories where people interact in aesthetic sensuous surroundings, users are united in her site-specific works in her company Alba Novik created for libraries, museums, factories, cultural institutions, cemeteries. Member of Danske Scenografer and educated at Danske Designschool, Art Academy of Utrecht 


Performing Artist Rasmus Stenager Jensen
Sensorium playwright, performer and arteducator
Rasmus has a BA in acting from The Norwegian Theater Academy. He has a background in Sensorisc Theater with the  teater with the Spanish Colombian company “Teatro de Los Sentidos” in Barcelona. His expertiece is to work site specifically. Rasmus works for with different companys ex. "Luna Park Scenekunst"


Visual and performing artist Alaya Riefenstahl
Sensorium and performer 
Alaya creates stageart, performances and video on the beauty and poetic of the twisted with the use of everyday materials, remnisenses of fashion and her own body. She is part of the artcollective MYRKR, that investigates phomomena in nature between art, science, magic and everyday experiences. Educated at the Fynen Visual Arts Academy. 


Singer and Performing Voice Artist Marte Schau
Sensorium singer and performer

educated from School of Stage Arts Cantabile 2 in 2004. Since 2005   Affiliated with the Spanish Colombian company “Teatro de Los Sentidos” in Barcelona. After years of touring aboard, she has since 2013 created sensory, poetic installations and performances for children in ”Luna Park Scenekunst” ex. ”Vandkongens Udestue og andre hjem”, 


Singer and composer Anna Kruse
Sensorium singer, performer and arteducator

Transformations are Kruse's material in composition, the heartfelt interior change over time that occurs through meeting the audience. She has specialized in Edith Södergran's poetry "Anna Kruse's music and voice meet each other, as sisters from different times. They go side by side, sonorous, dreamy, wild and melancholy.” Stina Ekblad 

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Performing Artist and danser Siri Seidler Nitschke 
Sensorium actor, danser and object animator
She a young actress and danser............

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Singer, composer and musician Gry buhrkall
Sensorium singer
Gry is educated as a vokal soundtherapist by Githa Ben-David. Studies in joik og ceremoniel songs with travels to Brasil and Sápmi. She is also educated as a klangmassør at Nordlys. Aktive in the vokal-orienteed folk duo Hvidtjørn and RuaidhríGry. She has a Duowith Freya Schaumburg-Müller and sings in Sedjanka Bulgarian womensquire



Singer and performer Freja Schaumbürg Müller
Sensorium singer and performer

Freja seeks the nerve in forgotten songs, old stories & new tones - with the audience as fellow travelers in a country where everything has a story - laughter & crying, noise & silence, as a needle sewing colored strands into the the landscape, valleys & roaring cities... She is graduated from the Teatro de los Sentidos Girona in 2014.

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Object animator Sif Hymøller Jessen
Sensorium konsultant and co-creator of Voks skoV
works in television and theater. Educated at London School of Puppetry shadow theater and marionettes. Played in Danish National Televisions Christmas calendar ”Yallahrup Færgeby”, ”Carsten og Gittes Vennevilla”, the doll Harry in commercials by DSB.  She makes her own productions under the name Teater Håndholdt and is affiliated with Theater Refleksion.

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Videoartist and performer Ingrid Skovgaard
Sensorium Art educator
Ingrid work combines visual art, performance, dance, bodys movement and senses. Educated from the Chelsea College of Art (BA), Nordic Teaterschool, Universitat de Barcelona (MFA) and Teatro de los Sentidos (masterclasses). Exhibitions national and international at Art Museums. Previously  leader of the outreach program at North Norwegian artmuseum.

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Set designer Annika Nilsson
co-creator of Voks skoV
Annika develops concepts, installations and spaces with a focus on social aspects with in an art context. She has worked with the cultural meeting 2014 in The Greenland house CPH Cultural house Gaduaq/Nuuk, Greenland, Passagefestival/Helsingør, Children and teen teaterfestival Nykøbing Mors, Ponderosa Dance Festival and Theaterconference KRUM...

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