Seidlers SENSORIUM have since 2009 produced visual art with workshops for kids and youngsters in collaboration with Art and culture institutions. In 2013 Seidlers Sensorium started to produce public engaging performances. Grow Forest! being the most rescent project a two hours performance hike in the woods about the Wood Wide Web. 

Behavioral Biology and Human Biology is our center point for interdisiplinairy participant based performances and artprojects. Factual knowledge is the backbone of working in all artistic fields performance, lyrical texts, objects and videoart. The rducational group consists of : biologist, performers, writer, and video artists. Projects are develloped in collaboration with Forest centers, Zoological Gardens, Museums and kunsthalle.

We wish to entrain children and young people in public-engaging performance- and contemporary visual art, engaging them in process oriented workshops in natural surroundings. Our intension with the workshops is in collaboration with educators at Zoological gardens and forest centers to open up for a more investigative and experimental relationship with nature. We wish to plant seeds that will inspire the students interest in nature, a sense of a growing self and giving them an eye-opener into what the combination flock, community and art can create.

To become oneself in a flock
We value the understanding of flock and community highly both in performances and process oriented teaching. All pupils work with their own story involving their audience in their own tempo. The pupils experience both to be a performer and an audience in each other’s performances. This gives a greater empathy, sensibility and understanding among the pupils aesthetic process in the workshop.

Challenged children and youngsters
The pupils express their own universe and get to know their own stories in a new context. It takes great courage for most students to come forward in a performance situation. We have good experience also with challenged students in that aspect. Challenged students often retrieve great pleasure from working very physically with their body and a story.


Collaborative partners
Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Artland
Munkeruphus Museum
Medicinsk Museion
Nikolaj Kunsthal
J.F. Willumsens Museum
Brandts Art Center Odense
Skovgaards Museum Viborg
FFKD Factory for Art and Design

Zoological Garden Cph
Forestcenter Kløvermarken
Raadvad Forestcenter
Boserupgaard Forestcenter
Kongskilde Forestcenter

Åben Dagtilbud Cph Municipality
Åben skole Cph Municipality
Culture kids Gentofte Municipality  
 Roskilde Municipality
Åben skole Roskilde Municipality
Kulturboost Cph Municipality 
Stevens Municipality
Odense Municipality
KABoligselskab Tingbjerg Library and school
All Librarys in Cph Municipality


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