Marika Seidler, visual and video artist, performer, producer and artistic of Seidlers SENSORIUM. Work in mask and costume design, painting, objects, performance and 21 video installations produced in Denmark, USA, India, Lebanon, Syria, Japan, Russia and Benin. Seidler has exhibited in internationally and nationally at Art centers and museums, such as Nikolaj Kunsthal in CPH and AROS in Aarhus. Seidler has lived in India, Japan and USA. She is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in CPH. In 2006 - 2010 she was an art educator at The Danish National Gallery. She is the founder of Seidler SENSORIUM.


Sif Hymøller Jessen, object animator and performer working in television and theater. Autodidact and educated at the London School of Puppetry in shadow theater and marionettes. Played the doll Ali in Danish National Televisions Christmas calendar ”Yallahrup Færgeby”, the doll Harry in commercials by DSB, the dolls Carsten in Danish National Televisions ”Carsten og Gittes Vennevilla”. Worked as puppeteer in Jesper Justs art film “A Question of Silence”. Since 2009 she has worked with her own productions as well as being affiliated with doll and animation Theater Refleksions performances.


Annika Nilsson set -designer and performer. She develops concepts, installations and spaces with a focus on social aspects with in an art context for the cultural meeting 2014 in Nykøbing Mors, The Greenland house CPH Cultural house Gaduaq/Nuuk, Greenland, Passagefestival/Helsingør, Children and teen teaterfestival Nykøbing Mors, Ponderosa Dance Festival Germany and Theaterconference KRUM Frederikssund.  Annika Nilsson also works with Qiperoq/The Greenland house and the organization Greenlandic Children in Ålborg, Århus, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

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Betina Birkjær is a perfomer and stage artist. She is educated from School of Stage Arts Cantabile 2 in 2004. In 2005 she was affiliated with the Spanish Colombian company “Teatro de Los Sentidos” in Barcelona. After years of touring aboard, she has the last 5 years primarily created sensory, poetic installations and performances for children in the duo ”Luna Park Scenekunst” creating among many ”Vandkongens Udestue og andre hjem” a sensory exhibition at Brandts Artcenter, ”Rejsen og Gemt er ikke glemt” for HCA Festivals, ”Hukommelsespaladset” and ”Tidsrummet”.

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Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen, art concept developer and performer. She uses the language of art to create connections between people, spaces, bodies, disciplines and understandings with the aim of making people active participants in the world around them. Helga works as director, performer, clown, educator and concept developer in Performance art in Denmark and abroad. She has a MFA in ensemble based physical theater from Dell´Arte International, USA, a BA in anthropology and a degree in Auteur- business from ” Scenekunstens udviklingscenter” dk. She is also artistic director of the performance art platform WunschMachine.


Alaya Riefenstahl er en samtidskunstner som gennem video, performance og scenekunst åbner vores blik for skønheden og poesien i det skæve og anderledes. Med overraskende brug af hverdagens materialer, modens efterladenskaber, sin egen krop og nytænkende iscenesættelser går hun nye veje i en kunst båret af en stor humanisme og underfundig humor.

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Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski, scenographer and visual space designer create experiences where space, activities and users are united in a narrative, philosophical, dramatic and poetic concept. Eva works site-specific in the interstice between scenography, interior design and installation art created for libraries, museums, factories, cultural institutions, cemeteries or in nature. She transforms everyday spaces into 3-dimensional stories where people can interact in an aesthetic and sensuous surrounding.

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Ingrid Skovgaard, billede-, video- og performance kunstners praksis og undervisning afspejler udtryk og metode fra billedkunst, scenekunst og dans, med afsæt i kroppens bevægelser og sanser. Uddannet fra Chelsea College of Art (BA), Nordisk Teaterskole og Universitat de Barcelona (MFA), Teatro de los Sentidos (masterclasses). Hun har udstillet på nationale og internationale museer, kunsthaller og festivaler, som Nikolaj Kunsthal, Museet for Samtidskunst og LOOP Video Art Festival. Siden 2015 udviklet en række workshops for Vejen Kunstmuseum.
Head of Public OutreachNord Norsk Kunstmuseum.

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