“Tell me and I forget
Show me and I remember
Involve me and I understand”
- John Gay

Artistic vision
We wish to entrain children and young people in public-engaging performance- and contemporary visual art, engaging them in process oriented workshops in natural surroundings

Artists and pupils make active use of interdisciplinary art concepts where visual art, performance and biology create a common ground for the artistic and aesthetic process.

dot_eng_1.Idea and concept

We collect factual knowledge in conversation with scientists: Zoologists and biologists on animal behavior and biological systems.

We reside in natural surroundings or museums to get under the skin of a theme. The artists become active banks of knowledge. 


We see the lyrical aspects of technical terminology, write texts and transform the collected material into an artistic visually and narrative product.

We create the physical artistic material for performances comprehensive set designs, mask and costume production.


The performance can be shown as part of an exhibition or as an artistic product in a forest, sports arena, Art Museum or Art center in collaboration with art and cultural institutions.

The performances are public engaging and the audiences are mostly children and youngsters in a specific age group.


A school class’s who have experienced the performance will be offered to book a workshop with one or more artists and a biologist.

The pupils and the artists create their own public engaging performances and a factual knowledge of a biological theme in an aesthetic process.


A connection to nature
Many pupils from the city do not have a relationship with nature. Our intension with the workshops is in collaboration with educators at Zoological gardens and forest centers to open up for a more investigative and experimental relationship with nature. We wish to plant seeds that will inspire the students interest in nature, a sense of a growing self and giving them an eye-opener into what the combination flock, community and art can create.

To become oneself in a flock
We value the understanding of flock and community highly both in performances and process oriented teaching. All pupils work with their own story involving their audience in their own tempo. The pupils experience both to be a performer and an audience in each other’s performances. This gives a greater empathy, sensibility and understanding among the pupils aesthetic process in the workshop.

Challenged children and youngsters
The pupils express their own universe and get to know their own stories in a new context. It takes great courage for most students to come forward in a performance situation. We have good experience also with challenged students in that aspect. Challenged students often retrieve great pleasure from working very physically with their body and a story.

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