malerier TOUCH PORTRAITS collection I - V

Produktions år 2008
Materialer gouache on 300 g arches watercolor paper size 50 x 65 cm.

The TOUCH PORTRAITS Collection is part of the video installation TOUCH produced in Mumbai 2008.
The portraits are of the 10 actors involved in TOUCH.
TOUCH is about the unique same sex relationship some men have in Indian culture: They hold hands, walk arm in arm, rest their hands on their friends thigh and are physically very relaxed in their bodily contact compared to men in Northern Europe. In Mumbai, four pair of male actors between the ages of 26 to 70 explore how Indian men experience warmth and openness in same sex friendships. Its their portraits you see above.

Abid and Dinesh privat Britisk eje.
Dave and Ajit kunstner eje
Vijay and Sandeep  kunstner eje
Mehul and Mitoon  kunstner eje
Lakhn and friend (the last one is not represented here, private collection dk)

1.dinseh and Abid
3.Vijay and Sandeep
2.dave and ajit
4.mehul and Mitoon