Sensory Art Education

We offer performance walks with educational workshops in performative aesthetic learning processes outside in nature from April to November.

We develop artecudacional formats in experimental co-creative performative processes in nature.

We want that children and young people have equal oppertunities to immerse themselves through art and develop a relationship with nature with a focus on their socail well-being. 

Educators are professionally experienced actors, visual artists and Nature educators.

At a SeiSEN workshop, your group creates a mini audience-engaging performance walk for each other in nature. Workshops combine Natural science course, site-specific landscape reading, history, landart, text and shared sensory tasks.

  • ecperience a SeiSEN performance
  • fieldresearch with a biologist/natureeducatur
  • writhing lyrical texts 
  • sensory drama exercises
  • using the woods as a stage design 
  • emerse others in your experience 
  • anchor the shared expereince 

School pupils get an insight into Sensorium's interdisciplinary design of performance walks.

The artprojects are created in collaboration with art institutions and municipalities, art councils, cultural consultants, nature centers and district school leaders in order to reach out to a wide range of children and young people.

SeiSEN offers project management and fund application for the Danish Arts Agency for 90 % of arteducator fees. Our performances booked for Danish Venues are refunded with 50% from State devision.


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